Coronavirus Update

Green Dental has taken aggressive measures to keep our staff and patients safe and still deliver the highest quality care. Here is what we are doing to protect you:

In addition to our already high standards of cleanliness and existing disinfection protocols, we have implemented the following enhanced protocols, which follow CDC, OHSA, and IL Dept. of Health guidelines:

  • We have installed multiple top-rated, medical grade air purification units
  • We have added a UV light “Air Scrubber” to our existing whole-office HVAC system
  • We are further sterilizing the office everyday via an EPA-registered and FDA-approved fogging application
  • We wear the highest level of PPE. This includes N95 masks, eye protection, face shields, and disposable gowns
  • We have implemented social distancing measures to keep the waiting area clear to minimize contact among patients and staff (see below)

Social Distancing Measures

We are following the social distancing measures recommended by the CDC to decrease the transmission of viruses between individuals. We have new protocols for patients entering our office.

We are conducting extensive pre-screening of all individuals entering the office, including our team, to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19 as provided in the ADA “toolkit.”

  • Patients will wait in their cars, and call on arrival to minimize the number of people in the office and allow for an empty waiting area
  • Anyone who enters the office will have their temperature taken
  • Plexiglass barriers (“sneeze guards”) have been installed in the reception area

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of the doctors, don't hesitate to contact us at: (847) 724-9040!

Air Disinfection

In order to protect ourselves, our patients, and the greater community against respiratory viruses, we have implemented multiple measures to purify, decontaminate and constantly recycle the air.

Here's how we're keeping our air safe:

  1. We have added hospital rated 4 stage HEPA 13 filtration air purifiers (from iQAir). These units remove 99.97% of particles, down to 0.003 microns, including viruses from the air we breathe (like COVID-19). The air is recycled constantly to improve the safety of everyone in the office.
  2. Each night, the office will be “fogged” using EPA registered Minncare cold sterilant. This is a peracetic acid solution manufactured in an FDA certified facility for use in a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. Minncare is EPA registered for use in cold foggers. Minncare Sterilant is an effective disinfectant and cold sterilant for hard surfaces commonly found in pharmaceutical cleanrooms.
  3. We have added a UV Light “Air Scrubber” to our existing whole office HVAC system. This acts “offensively” by going out and removing any unhealthy contaminants in the air.

Additionally, longer times between appointments allow for a decontamination process to renew every operatory before the next patient enters the office.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

To protect against cross contamination between our team, our patients, and anyone else who enters our office, we're practicing the following procedures:

  • N95 or similar mask
  • Full face shields and protective eyewear
  • Disposable gowns
  • Using the “don and doff” protocol for patient protection
  • Disposing PPE after each patient in the office to maximize patient protection
  • Doctors and team members are taking their own temperatures twice a day
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